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Marc Pinto is a veteran in the tattoo industry for over 24 years. He is a renowned Perth artist with more than 15 years of experience and accreditation's in Body Modification and Traditional Hand (Tebori) Japanese Tattooing Techniques and is a Collector / Gallery owner of Fine Oceanic, Indonesian and Aboriginal art and objects.

Inspired by his late grandfather's stories on his traditional hand tattoo and living with the natives in Borneo, he got his first tattoo at the age of 15.

After he completed his studies as an accredited gemologist and started a career in trading rubies, sapphires and diamonds, Marc pursued to be the best in the tattoo industry.

In 1992, Along with the crew at Johnny Two Thumbs Tattoo Studio, Marc started the first body piercing shop in Southeast Asia. They served clients from all walks of life including celebrities and royalties. That includes building relationships with clientele from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Brunei.

In 1995, he left Singapore for Perth Australia where he founded Two Feather Body Piercing Studio in Mount Lawley.

In 1996 he attended the Fakir Musafar Body Piercing Intensives and Professional Branding workshops.

Later in 1997, he founded Primitive Body Piercing Studio in the Perth city area.

Since then, he have traveled to Thailand to receive Magical Tattoos (Sak Yan) from Lom Poh Pheun and Magical Bead Implants (Kwang Da Kut) from Lom Poh Khoon, the two most respected senior monks in Thailand.Lately he have been tattooed numerous times by Arjahn Noo and Arjan Tong.

Marc also started to research the indigenous people of Borneo since 1997 and still do on a quarterly to 1/2 yearly basis currently. Going to different areas all the time.

He received first hand tattoo by the residents of Rumah Panjang Bau (Lalang) in Skrang River, Sarawak, East Malaysia which led him to start a large project tattoo piece based upon inspirations from that designs.

As the research, passion continues, Marc have been enjoying the fruit of his labor through satisfied and loyal clients. His work speaks for itself and each piece he finishes brought in fresh interest.

To this day, his work ethic and enthusiasm for every piece he does and his endurance, without sugar coating is extraordinary.