BackVisit to a longhouse.
Marc and Chief Bau
Headhunting skulls suspended from the ceiling.
Longhouse Medicine-Man (called 'Manang' in the Iban language).
Portrait of a longhouse chief.
Preparation of meat and rice by the side of a river.
Distribution of the food.
200 year old grave of an Iban hero that decapitated 50 people.
Marc during a very tiring 10km hike through hills and tropical rainforests to visit an abandoned longhouse.
Elena during the same hike.
The tattoos on chief Bau's back.
Chief Bau (side profile).
Cheif Bau (forward profile).
Elena and chief Bau pose for a photograph.
Tattooed back of an Iban.
An Iban elder (front profile).
The same Iban elder (back profile).
An Iban explaining about his ear plug.
The Ibans and us.